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I have made the Pioneer Valley my home for the past 27 years.

I bring more than 30 years experience from my Federal service career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where I worked in the area of visitor services and communications. I joined the Jones Group to continue work in a customer service field that will allow me to bring together my love for houses, land, and people.

For many years, I have had what I call an "inexplicable attraction” to houses – their location, design, and features; the way they are sited and incorporated into the surrounding landscape; how light and floor plans influence the mood of a house; and how they mirror and represent their owners. I believe, that "we shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” To further my understanding of the connection between people and the spaces they occupy, I am enrolled as a student at the New England School of Feng Shui in Woodbury, CT.

Finding the right house is a process. I have the skills, interest, and innate ability to work closely with clients to assist them in finding the home or parcel of land that is uniquely suited for them. Likewise, I will work with sellers to bring them buyers who are looking for the features their home offers. I also enjoy new construction and like to help buyers, who want to build, find that perfect parcel of land.
When not in the office, I may be found cycling back roads or walking trails with my camera trying to capture images that reflect the open space and natural areas found here in the Valley. I also enjoy reading books on house design and construction, have a great interest in poetry, and enjoy exploring the islands of the Caribbean.

My partner, Sue Moorman, and I live in Hatfield with our dog Leo, a rescue from the island of St. Croix. 

If you are looking for a hard working, diligent agent who is committed to serving your needs, give me a call.

We have just completed the closing for the sale of our house. We used Kathy Zeamer as our realtor and have used her help before. There is no question that as long as she is a realtor, we will ask her to represent us. Her organizational skills are superb, and that is an understatement. She kept us posted every step along the way to the very end of the process. In fact, our attorney and Kathy and our calendar contained the closing date. Over a week before the closing, Kathy was going through her paperwork and double-checking all dates so all steps would continue to go smoothly, and she was shocked by a discrepancy in the date. She called us to double-check we had the same date, which we did. So she called our attorney, who also had that date. The attorney told her he would check on the matter and discovered that we had not been notified of the change made by the buyer’s attorney. Had Kathy not caught the error, we would have been in a panic. In all the business we have conducted with Kathy, this is merely one example of her extraordinary care in keeping everyone organized. Kathy’s ideas on the best way to present the house, her suggestions on emphasizing the most positive features, her advice on pricing, and her decision to plan an immediate open house proved to be exactly what was needed. The house sold at the open house over the price listed—less than a week after the listing. Kathy Zeamer is the only realtor for us!! Rebecca & Pam McDaniel | Home Seller]| August 9, 2019


Five stars for Kathy Zeamer - with no reservations or qualifications. We were buying a house and selling two houses over a period of about a month. We could not have managed all the details without her. From helping us find and make an offer on the house we bought to getting our houses ready to sell to the last walk-through and signing, Kathy was with us all the way. She was always responsive and prompt. Her knowledge of the business and issues to be alert for were so impressive. We would recommend her heartily to anyone, looking to buy or sell. In fact, we did recommend her to a friend and they are moved in to their new place already! Bill Blatner | Home Seller & Home Buyer| August 6, 2019


After only 8 days on the market, we sat down with Kathy Zeamer and got things in motion. She was extremely helpful when a significant legal glitch occurred that jeopardized the closing. Kathy recommended a strong response and we closed on time. Sound advice and well done!!! Mark Klepacki | Home Seller| June 25, 2019


Kathy Zeamer is super! We moved from Washington state with a certain list of must-haves and a short timeline to close because of our agency. Kathy really listened, was VERY responsive, coached us honestly, provided great information for good decision-making, and assisted us with local high quality professionals to enable our success. On top of all that, she's warm, kind and fun to be around. We felt a true connection and are grateful for her work on our behalf. Thank you, Kathy and Jones for our new home and community connections. Wendy and Kevin Connally | Home Buyer| January 7, 2019


It was our good fortune, and a real pleasure, to work with Kathy Zeamer. Kathy made every aspect -- from the first look at a property to closing on our house -- easy and pleasant. Kathy went out of her way to help us and always held our interests uppermost. She is a true professional.  Marcianna Caplis | Home Buyer | March 27, 2018


Kathy Zeamer made it easy for us to house hunt in Amherst while living in Boston. Her professionalism, responsiveness and friendliness was a great welcome to our new community. Janet Dunlap | Home Buyer | March 20, 2018


I had an excellent experience with Kathy Zeamer. It was a complicated sale and she was always professional, available and followed through with all that she said. I would recommend her to my best friend! Debra Edelman | Home Seller | March 11, 2018



I worked with Kathy Zeamer as a buyer's agent and I can say with confidence that the sale wouldn't have happened without her. She is very knowledgeable, super quick to respond, and good at anticipating potential issues and resolving them skillfully with the seller's agent. And, she saved me a lot of money! Highly recommended.  Sue White | Home Buyer | January 25, 2018



Kathy Zeamer just did an outstanding job helping me sell my townhouse in Northampton this summer. She communicated with me throughout the entire process. Kathy went above and beyond in helping me get my house ready to sell in a timely manner. Kathy is a true professional. Sue McMahon | Home Seller | October 24, 2017


It was a pleasure to work with Kathy Zeamer in my search for a house to purchase. I reached out to Kathy prior to arriving in the Pioneer Valley on the basis of a strong positive recommendation from an associate who works with the Fish and Wildlife Service. I subsequently met with Kathy in mid-June; she provided me with considerable information on local real estate, and began forwarding me listing information on properties in my general price range and areas of interest so I could familiarize myself with the local market. After arriving in the Pioneer Valley in mid-August, I began searching in earnest with Kathy's help. She arranged property showings, and fortunately one of the early visits became the property I chose to purchase. Kathy was very effective in managing the offer and purchase process, which went very smoothly. I found Kathy to be personable, attentive to detail, pro-active, helpful, and highly professional. I am fortunately that I was referred to Kathy, and I will be please to pass on similarly positive recommendations to others. Thank you, Hal Weeks | Home Buyer | September 20, 2017


Kathy Zeamer is a perfect example of what every realtor should aspire too. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her customers. Kathy is personable, professional, detail oriented, and empathetic to stressed out sellers (did I mention that would be me). Her expertise and honesty in her transactions exhibits itself in in each and every transaction. She participates in and always looks out for her customer's best interest. I have been dealing with Kathy ever since i came to the Pioneer Valley buying and selling. Always upfront about what you need to do to get top dollar. None of my sales transactions were on the market more than a week. My sole lament is that Kathy is not licensed in the state of Vermont which is where I chose to reside, but we will remain as friends and that's all I have to say… :>) Valorie Pennington | Home Seller & Buyer | August 14, 2017


Kathy Zeamer is amazing! She helped use buy our first home and we could not be happier with our choice. There's so much to appreciate about Kathy's approach but for us it was her patience and genuine investment in our family. Time and again Kathy went above and beyond to make sure our questions and needs were addressed. She knows the market and is a consummate professional. We are incredibly grateful for her wisdom and support throughout this process. Missy Eich-Richardson | Home Buyer | June 28, 2017


Kathy Zeamer ranks as the all-time best real estate agent in all our house purchases. We have lived in 9 different houses and have received service from 6 different realtors. Kathy kept in touch with us from the moment we signed our contract, calling us and suggesting we look at a place online or do a drive-by or just let her show us the available house. She drove us to numerous places in a 6-town radius and patiently listened to our preferences, never flinching when we changed our minds about a "necessary" feature. She almost wore us out with the number of places she willingly took us through. Not one time did we feel she was pushing us to accept a place; rather she patiently listened to our discussions and frequently told us she would leave us alone to give us privacy while we discussed. If there is any criticism, it would be the she works too hard and should take a break. And, yes, she is THAT GOOD. Thank you, Kathy, and thank you for hiring her Gerald L. Jones. Rebecca McDaniel | Home Buyer | June 19, 2017



Kathy Zeamer is trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. She made finding and purchasing our home a wonderful experience. She found us numerous homes to visit and she was extremely patient with us during our months-long search. She really listened to us and helped us find the right home. Additionally, she was very knowledgeable about so many aspects of home buying and she did a great job representing us during the negotiations. Caralyn Zehnder | Home Buyer | September 13, 2016

I was fortunate enough to work with Kathy Zeamer when both purchasing and selling a home. She was absolutely phenomenal to work with as she was incredibly responsive and on top of everything. Very detail oriented, looked after my interest, and her expert advice made everything go smoothly. Kathy is genuinely a nice person and the consummate professional. The best realtor with whom I have had the pleasure of working with as I trusted her and appreciated her highest level of integrity. I am certain that the house sold quickly because Kathy provided the necessary advise for pricing and prepping the house to sell.  Cathie Schweitzer | Home Seller & Buyer | July 28, 2016


A huge thank you to Kathy Zeamer! She came highly recommended from a former neighbor, and I see why. Kathy had great advice about staging and pricing. With that and her well-presented listing, my condo was sold within 2 days of listing (full price! only a single showing!). This could have been a very stressful experience, but with Kathy's help, every step of the way was smooth sailing. Thanks again! Kara P | Home Seller | July 22, 2016


Buying my first home was made simple and less stressful with the assistance of Kathy Zeamer. She was patient and thorough in showing me my options in the area, and clearly explained every step of the process. She checked in regularly, got back to me quickly when needed, and even helped set up my home inspection and negotiate fixes in the home. Kathy really made this a positive and seamless experience for me and I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is searching for a home in the area! Katy Maher | Home Buyer | July 22, 2016


I can say without reservation that I can't imagine another realtor providing better service and information than Kathy Zeamer. For my wife and I, this was our first home buying experience so we had a lot of navigate and beginner questions. Kathy took time to explain everything, to provide needed materials, to help me with everything from complicated mortgage questions to area traffic patterns. Kathy really knows this area well and I trusted her opinions (which were appropriately offered only when I asked) on various homes, neighborhoods, towns, etc. And I've never seen a more patient person---Kathy stayed very late at her office with me two nights in a row as I was considering options. A big thanks to Kathy Zeamer for making this home buying experience a great one!  Noah Kahn | Home Buyer | July 19, 2016


I would recommend Kathy Zeamer to anyone thinking about buying real estate in this area. She is intelligent and thoughtful. Her straightforward approach to house buying and her experience about factors to consider as we looked at properties was invaluable. She was always available to answer questions and went well beyond what I might have expected, providing names of painters and handymen and dealing with many small details. Ellie Lash | Home Buyer | July 7, 2016

Kathy Zeamer is a wonderful realtor. It has been a wonderful experience working with her. She is a top-notch agent. I can't recommend her highly enough!  Nancy Suniewick | Home Buyer | May 4, 2016


Kathy Zeamer is the Agent I highly recommend. I have worked with her twice as a buyer and both times it was all I had hoped. She is always available and upbeat in the face of challenges. She will represent your best interests while guiding you through the listings and never makes you feel rushed or pressured. She wants what is best for you. Heather | Home Buyer | April 25, 2016


Kathy Zeamer would be hard to beat. She reads people well, saving time and effort. She is professional, courteous, followed through and represented us well in all negotiations. Her personal knowledge of the area market and current conditions streamlined our search and purchase. Kevin Sittauer | Home Buyer | September 30, 2015